Yoshihiro Narisawa. Satoyama Cuisine CE

Yoshihiro Narisawa
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Award-winning Japanese chef Yoshihiro Narisawa has turned to his homeland and nature to develop his innovative satoyama cuisine and culinary philosophy. Inspired by the Japanese tradition of foraging for ingredients on the land between mountains and villages, the area of satoyama, and by similar traditional methods for gathering food, Narisawa has created recipes and dining experiences based on the sustainable use of native ingredients.

Also using foodstuffs from coastal waters and forests, from seaweed and sea snakes to wild flowers and even soil, the recipes are presented and shown in stunning photographs by world-renowned Brazilian food photographer Sergio Coimbra. But this is more than a book of recipes, it is a new kind of gastronomy book that explores the background of where the ingredients are sourced and also how the chef works with the craftsmen who makes his knives and tableware. This attention to every stage of the supply chain is another aspect of satoyama, and in the course of the journeys Narisawa and Coimbra made the book has also become a visual travel guide to Japan and its history and traditions. In this way it is not just the chef’s creations that are presented, but the food in its full context, including the processes involved, and a culinary perspective that combines tradition with modern ideas.
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