David De Vleeschauwer. Remote Experiences

Kathrin Murr (ed.)
424 pagina's
238 x 302 mm
GB Engels
€ 50,00
Remote Experiences is a visual account of the extraordinary journeys of photographer David De Vleeschauwer and travel journalist Debbie Pappyn to the places untouched by modern tourism. The book was completed after 15 years of exploration and it offers fantastic insight on the art of travelling off the beaten path.

Follow the pair as they discover 12 incredible destinations on a North-to-South journey that starts with a visit to the North Pole and finishes on the shores of Antarctica. This photographic tour showcases an eclectic set of experiences, united by the authors’ mindfulness towards the world around them. In frame after frame,De Vleeschauwer captures the spectacle of some of our planet’s most secluded spaces.
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